Know The Masterclass Kitchens Background And Products

Masterclass Kitchens is a renowned kitchen cabinet maker that’s existed for no less than four decades, and since the company was launched in 1975, it has managed to satisfy the highest quality standards set in the kitchen design and renovation market. This premier maker of kitchen cabinets provides 14,000 cupboard choices to select from, ranging all the way from traditional, conventional styles to the most futuristic and modern ones, made from durable and strong wood. <!–More–>

Whether or not you aim for a lavish kitchen cabinet which includes a matte finish or you’d rather go for a shiny one, you could always depend on the luxury Masterclass Kitchens cabinets to add value for your kitchen. In now, the production plant is situated in Wales, and the business uses just advanced, high-end machines to carefully craft the cabinets with an outstanding attention to the tiniest details. Apart from the thousands of cabinet choices, the manufacturer also supplies countless different kitchen doors, handles and colors, together with a 10-year guarantee on every item! If you want to learn more about cabinets phoenix, just check out this amazing Cabinet Solutions USA resource.

A Closer Look At The Products – What Does The Company Have To Give Concerning Kitchen Cabinets?

The Masterclass Kitchens cabinets are offered through the kitchen retailers that only work with professional designers, and who are always ready to give homeowners a helping hand when it comes to deciding on the most acceptable cabinet color, texture or finish to their kitchen. Masterclass Kitchens takes pride in its own irreproachable, high quality kitchen designs, and it allows potential prospects to observe a tailored 3D projection of the favorite kitchen, before they make any investment. In this manner, all clients can rest assured knowing that they will invest only in quality products which match the other rooms in their home.

With that in mind, it’s necessary to mention that Masterclass Kitchens features five different collections of high quality kitchen cabinets: the contemporary collection, timeless, the Shaker kitchens, the inframe kitchen in addition to the handleless kitchens, the latter being rather popular among owners of minimalist/modernly decorated houses.

The modern kitchen set is designed to reflect the newest trends in the area of kitchen design and decoration – characterized by sleek lines and elegant designs, this collection also provides an impressive array of unique colours and textures one can pick from. In this way, if the client isn’t fond of the easily available cabinets, he can effortlessly customize his kitchen cabinets by blending a variety of textures and colours. The result: a unique, attractive, elegant and fully functional kitchen which will boost every home’s resale value.

Another incredibly appreciated kitchen cupboard collection by Masterclass Kitchens in the uk is your Shaker collection: featuring a classic design that won’t ever become obsolete, these kitchens are simple yet incredibly attractive. Versatile, easy to install, durable and incredibly chic at exactly the exact same time, the Shaker kitchens come in an abundance of different colors, and other than this, the customer may also choose to personalize his kitchen with the addition of extra paints and stains, for a truly distinctive effect that will always stick out from any other kitchen. “Less is the new more”, and the identical principle surely applies to the Shaker kitchen cupboard collection, which concentrates on simplicity along with quality and style.

The traditional collection is, as its name implies – classic. Traditional and conservative yet very lovely, these basic cabinets can be seamlessly integrated into any kitchen, due to their outstanding finish combined with the high quality vinyl oak. Some of the most sought after kitchen versions from this collection are Hathaway, Howarth, Carnegie, Fairmont or Auden.

The handleless kitchens, on the other hand, are known for their innovative and modern design – the Nevada H lineup, the Lumina H lineup or the Sierra H lineup are just three of the most notable pieces in this group by Masterclass Kitchens. With a minimalist design and a bold mixture of textured, smooth and glossy finishes, the handleless kitchens also feature an advanced rail system which adds to their general functionality and versatility.

Last, but not least, the Inframe kitchen set is another highly praised one, because of the fact that these cabinets attractively combine classic and modern decorative elements. Unique, innovative and very attractive, the inframe kitchens have ash painted wood or lacquered oak doors, painted in natural, neutral, discrete and very subtle colors!