About Us

Canada Recreation Fun Community has founded activities, travel, and healthy care and environment and community advocates on the belief that pushing forward together, with a shared vision, is what sparks It’s our purpose to bring creators together and support them to do amazing work.

We have always thrived and survived on collaboration, communication, and creativity. And yet, despite today’s world being more connected than ever, the focus is seemingly all on the individual on fame, social standing, and personal influence. In almost every field, industry gatekeepers hold all the power and select who only those who they deem talented enough to advance to the next level.

True Canada Recreation Fun Community and communication have never felt more difficult, and creativity is under threat. It’s a divisive and alienating way to maintain the status quo and we stand with many others demanding radical transformation.

Our mission: is to see Canada Recreation Fun Community readers grow in confidence, take up space in their chosen fields, and build lasting careers. It’s our hope that Made with Fun becomes synonymous with groundbreaking and impactful creativity at all levels, in all fields, and from creators of all kinds.