The Environment: Is Our Dissociation Destroying It?

We are living in a time where there is an intense focus and an obsession when it comes to our environment. In many ways, I think that this is a fantastic thing. The questions which arise for me are; what causes us to behave in ways which are so harmful to the environment? And at exactly the exact same time, why is it that we only appear to care about our environment, now it is in such a precarious position.

This is a position, which has been described by many, since the point of no return. NowI doesn’t think that global warming is black and white and one way or a single strategy will fix all the issues. So with my comprehension of the psychological and emotional elements, I will concentrate on that side of the equation. My view is that through our own avoidance of looking at our own processing and pain what we find disagreeable and causes us battle; we’ve become ourselves.

By this, I mean we’ve become numb to how we truly feel, and as a consequence of this, we not only treat ourselves seriously, it also extends to our When we act from dissociation, one our skills that makes us human, our ability to empathize is very much out of action. This then leads us to behave unconsciously and respond to life and in doing this we lose our ability to act knowingly, to question, whether what we’re doing is When it comes to the question of why do we treat our environment so poorly, I’d add, do we really treat ourselves better?

And that’s our environment just a mirror of what’s happening inside of ourselves? I don’t feel that our own environment could be looked at in isolation if we wish to gain the perfect perspective and see the entire picture. I believe that we must check out all aspects to acquire the perfect viewpoint. This perspective clearly will not become front-page news or a stance which will be favored by many.

I’d say this is because of living in a society that’s mostly identified with the brain and because of this rarely has the power to observe it. With dissociation being a defense mechanism of the head, it’s a method for the undeveloped self to escape looking at itself and also to prevent responsibility. I’d say that the vast majority of what’s supported by the mainstream is what supports and strengthens the ego-mind. This is why I feel it’s important not to get caught up in the media fear frenzy, as though there are clearly issues, as human beings we’re also projecting our

own meaning on the world and that significance isn’t the world. As much as we try to comprehend what’s going on through science and research, we can not see the entire picture and understand everything. Being in a place of dread and hopelessness because of what the media says could be a complete waste of our energy, as it couldn’t only be false, but we might be using that energy to produce a difference.

If we see the environment as an extension of ourselves and we bring our consciousness to there, we can start to ask the question of, what exactly are we holding And as a consequence of this, is also harming our environment. If we take the view that our environment is a living organism, that his feelings and desires just like ourselves and isn’t an inanimate thing, would we begin to deal As we begin to love and love ourselves will we also treat our environment in precisely the exact same way?

And when we see ourselves as separate from our environment, does his also make it much easier for us to damage it? The movie Avatar by James Cameron introduced plenty of questions in regards to our environment. While there have been numerous interpretations of what the movie was about, Cameron himself has stated his significance was about man’s sense of entitlement when it comes to the environment.

How we think that we are over and have absolute control over our environment. Seeing our environment as sacred and something we could work with rather than against is overlooked and usually disregarded. Maybe this way of looking at character seems a little bizarre to a lot of people and may even draw comparisons to pantheism. There’s also the viewpoint that character reacts to the way we feel and absorbs our emotions. This seems normal to me; nevertheless, I don’t have any empirical experience to understand it on a deeper level.

If indeed that is so, would it explain a whole lot of what’s happening, together with the amount of negativity it would need to process from us all? The outlook I have is via our disassociation from ourselves, we begin to become dissociated from our environment, as this happens we start to project separation. As it is all happening we strive to control and control our environment, as a means to compensate for our perceived loss of power. One of the effects of this is that we destroy the very thing which supports and nourishes us.

Though our ego is there to give us our sense of identity, once we’ve forgotten that we’re also connected at the exact same time, it may naturally cause you The next question I posed was why does there only appear to be a widespread concern for our environment today it is in dire straits. As I look at this occurrence, I can understand we have many examples in life where this occurs. Whether it relates to our health, our diet or how physically fit we are, quite often we are just motivated to do something about those areas when they are really poor and rarely at the first phases of when the signs start to appear.